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Thomas Foods International (TFI) is Australia’s largest family-owned red meat producer
Our strong focus on animal welfare, ethical, sustainable and environmental standards have led Thomas Foods to become a household name in over 85 countries. At Thomas Foods International, we prioritize farmers, value the environment and provide customers with the finest natural meats, Australia has to offer – fresh, full of flavour and expertly packaged.
We strive to improve all aspects of our supply chain
Environmental Sustainability
  • Our goal is to have a Carbon Neutral supply chain by 2030
  • Our farming practices limit methane production with our Grass-Fed proteins and produce biogas and nutrient rich irrigation during the treatment process
  • We continue to look for new sustainable material solutions
  • Our Murray Bridge rebuild is focus on sustainability, including a Leading-Edge Wastewater Treatment facility, which improves various sustainable initiatives
Social Sustainability
  • Grass fed, free range, pasture raised meat you feel good about
  • We focus on reducing the use of plastic or plastic waste with innovative packaging options
  • Our manufacturing plant leverages our goal to reduce food waste through an all-natural antimicrobial bacterial spray
  • We care for our people and focused on our employees first in the Murray Bridge fires
Farmers First is a vertically integrated company committed to quality, safety, ethics and sustainability; our flexible team can provide any protein your way, from full or 6-way carcass to individual chops.
We provide meal solutions to help simplify your customers’ lives and make dining in more popular than dining out.
Thomas Farms Pulled Lamb
3 flavors of pulled lamb in a sous-vide pouch, ready to heat and serve. Enjoy in tacos, with rice, over pasta, or as a stew.
Thomas Farms Boneless Lamb Cubes
 1kg bag of frozen lamb cubes to put in literally any stew, broth, or even on a skewer
We’re interested in partnering to develop products
Sirloins, Stuffed Saddle Roast, Kebobs, Koftas & Skewers, Assortment of Marinated Lamb, Sous Vide Shank, Mini Meatballs,
Mixed proteins:
Premium Attribute-Based Sliders, Braised Cubes (Beef & Lamb)

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  • Capabilities for raw, sous-vide or cooked meat.
  • 210k SF solar-powered US processing plant;   Spec Right/Red Zone Quality Control Monitoring
  • Case Ready
  • Pre-Priced Catch Weight,
  • Exact Weight/UPC Scannable
Australian advantages
  • The Lamb Segment has grown at a 5.2% CAGR from 2015-19
  • It is expected to expand by a CAGR of 3.0%; frozen meat is projected to be the fastest-growing category in terms of volume and value (0.8% and 3.4% CAGRs, respectively).
  • Australia is the leading supplier of imported lamb to Canada and has seen an increase in perception of consistent quality standards, which Is among the top 3 attributes for surveyed customers.

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