Thomas Farms

The Thomas Farms Story

Australian grassroots ranchers founded Thomas Farms in 1988 and continue to work and own farms today, with the underlying belief that to provide the highest-quality product, they should be close to the earth and the animals it nourishes.  

Thomas Farms is proud to make Australian grass-fed, pasture-raised, all natural, Halal certified meats accessible to all.

The Perfect Place To Farm

The Thomas family have been farmers for generations and have a deep respect for the land. We understand that true quality in meat and seafood depends on attention to detail at every stage of the production journey. 

Natural Farming With Maximum Efficiency

Our farms are located in Southern Australia and are backed by the latest farming practices. This region is home to some of the finest pastureland in the world, with lush flora and a temperate climate. Here, our livestock can range freely and graze in an unspoiled, natural environment. Our integrated feedlot and farming operations are built to maximize efficiency and provide flexibility in drafting, inducting, and trucking.

Tailored Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Our team is 100% focused on your needs. We can tailor a solution to suit any specification or requirement for both large and small orders anywhere in the world and have a fully integrated supply chain to ensure your delivery is consistent, safe and to the highest standard every time.

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss a solution that suits your specifications and that your customers will love.