Feeding families globally

Australia’s largest family-owned red meat producer

Thomas Foods International (TFI) is Australia’s largest family-owned
red meat producer. Our strong focus on animal welfare, ethical,
sustainable and environmental standards have led Thomas Farms to
become a household name in over 85 countries.

At Thomas Foods International, we prioritize farmers, value the
environment and provide customers with the finest natural meats
Australia has to offer – fresh, full of flavour and expertly packaged


We strive to pursue a carbon neutral supply chain by 2030 with several initiatives. While prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our livestock, our grass-fed protein practices limit methane production. Also, we are proud to be creating what will be the most advanced meat processing facility of its kind anywhere in the world. This will include waste water, refrigeration and boiler systems to the highest energy efficiency standards. Waste is always on our mind, using innovative sprays to extend shelf life and better environmental footprint packaging.

Our Line Of Products

Thomas Farms provides a wide selection of products with key features such as free-range, raised without antibiotics, Halal, humanely raised, organic and grass-fed.

Whatever you need, we have you covered.

Product Innovation -Pulled Lamb

This ready-to-heat sous-vide pulled lamb is ready to be enjoyed in tacos,
over a bed of steaming rice, mixed with your favourite pasta or even
used as a traditional stew. Indulge in a delicious lamb dinner in no time!

New Product – Organic And Grass Fed Beef

Consumers now have the option of a more
sustainable beef program with our new line
of Organic and Grass Fed Lean Ground Beef.

We Strive To Improve All Aspects Of Our Supply Chain

Farmers first, we offer various quality meat to Canada, lamb, beef and goat mainly, but also elk, venison and pork.

Our Cuts 

Our flexible team can provide any protein your way year-round, from full or 6-way carcass to individual chops. All of our products come in Fresh or Frozen and further processed value added products are available for your consumers.


  • Capabilities for raw, sous-vide or cooked meat
  • 210k SF solar-powered US processing plant; Spec Right/Red Zone Quality Control Monitoring
  • Case Ready
  • Pre-Prices Catch Weight,
  • Exact Weight/UPC Scannable

Australian Advantages

  • The Lamb Segment has grown at a 5.2% CAGR from 2015-2019
  • It is expected to expand by a CAGR of 3.0%; frozen meat is projected to be the fastest-growing category in terms of volume and value (0.8% and 3.4% CAGRS, respectively).
  • Australia is the leading supplier of imported lamb to Canada and has seen an increase in perception of consistent quality standards, which is among the top three attributes for surveyed customers

In Partnership With:


We Are Interested In Partnering to develop products


Sirloins, Stuffed Saddle Roast, Kebobs, Koftas & Skewers, Assortment of Marinated Lamb, Sous Vide Shank, Mini Meatballs   

Mixed Proteins:

Sirloins, Stuffed Saddle Roast, Kebobs, Koftas & Skewers, Assortment Of Marinated Lamb, Sous Vide Shank, Mini Meatballs

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