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At Thomas Foods Canada, we source the finest lamb, veal and beef from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America and the USA. Never let it be said we will not go to any lengths to find the best, most delicious meat in the world. And if you are going to travel as far as we do to find the best quality, you want to make sure that quality is maintained all the way through to the customer. 

To that end, our fully integrated supply chain means we can guarantee our fresh, natural meats are always at the highest quality. And our processing and cold storage facilities give us the flexibility to adjust to changing customer needs and consistently deliver on our promise of excellence.

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Tailored Protein Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Our team is 100% focused on your needs. We can tailor a solution to suit any specification or requirement for both large and small orders anywhere in the world and have a fully integrated supply chain to ensure your delivery is consistent, safe and to the highest standard every time.

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss a solution that suits your specifications and that your customers will love.