Our Livestock

Our Livestock

Yes, we are in the business of raising animals for food but we have huge respect for our animals and we’re committed to treating them with compassion and care.

Throughout their lives by making sure they are humanely raised in an environment that is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

We source our meats from farmers who believe in the same ethical standards and who work to ensure their animals live as nature intended, outside on the best pasturelands with room to roam and frolic.

Animal Life

All our animals are humanely and sustainably raised in the best pasturelands in Australia and around the globe. 

It all comes full circle, to a life well lived and that affects how our animals thrive, how we feel about what we do and the product we deliver to you.

Tailored Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Our team is 100% focused on your needs. We can tailor a solution to suit any specification or requirement for both large and small orders anywhere in the world and have a fully integrated supply chain to ensure your delivery is consistent, safe and to the highest standard every time.

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss a solution that suits your specifications and that your customers will love.